Porcelain fantasy

Bugs and spiders, bats and crayfishes, fragile stems of unreal plants – a mysterious world of nature not always seen by first sight was transformed by the master's hands into the symbol of beauty and perfection. Enlarged to the fairy sizes they stood in the capricious porcelain vibration. Such approach to the solution of the decorative problems helps the author to reach the key of nature secrets through the recreation of its separate part perfection.

Moon light touch. 1989. Porcelain, modeling

The lord of the forest. 1995. Porcelain, modeling.

Dzintari. 1991. Porcelain, modeling

Twilight. 1996. Porcelain, modeling

The Lake. 2001. Porcelain, modeling

Summer shower. 1996. Porcelain, modeling

Pleiades. 2003. Porcelain

The legends of the forest. 2004. Porcelain, modeling
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