Kupala's mystery

A breathtaking whirl of the Midsummer Day fills the soul with a desire to ascend to the inscrutable hot countries of the fantasy and to transform glimmering stream of emotional impressions into the magic visions that could not be identified with the reality. With a strong desire to release from existing conventions here you can see flying women and birds, trees and horses. Maybe once….in previous life I was lucky to have wings and feeling of flight stayed in my subconsciousness forever enriching emotional palette of the world perception. Or, maybe, creation is the flight itself?

A fairy night 1999. Canvas, oil. 116x89

Kupala's mystery. 1999. Canvas, oil. 116x89

Midsummer 2000. Canvas, oil. 116x89

Love nocturne 2000. Canvas, oil. 90x90

The land and the sky. 1999. Canvas, oil. 150x200

Summer solstice. 2007. Cardboard, oil. 95x120

The longest summer day. 2008. Canvas, oil. 100x120

Zenith of holiday. 2007. Canvas, oil. 150x200
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