The clock and the time

We are all in a stormy stream of time. Swift non-stop motion takes us with emotional waves and without possibility to leave it, we do not always realize that this motion is without a return. Feeling of the time transience causes actions that not always coordinate with good sense because subconsciousness provokes impulses that cannot be controlled. From the other side, exactly at that moments timeless ideas can occur.

The windows of my memory. 2007. Canvas, oil. 100x130

The lord of the time. 2004. Canvas, oil. 180x150

A green midday. 2000. Canvas, oil. 120x100

Exile from paradise. 1997. Canvas, oil. 65x50

Life moment. 2006. Canvas, oil. 106x127

Women and time. 2008. Canvas on the cardboard, oil. 80x80

The clock and the time. 2007. Canvas, oil. 150x200

Doubts and contradictions. 2006. Canvas, oil. 90x100
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