Straying soul

Heraclitus said that man's soul is a spark of star substance that after death performs the way upwards and returns to the cosmic fire. According to this logic, man's body is the temporal refuge for a soul, or otherwise alchemist's retort where impossible processes take place, or transport vehicle for cosmic energy… The list of determinations can be continued but man's life is too small segment of time to understand or realize something among the possibilities of our essence.

Fate/yesterday,today,tomorrow/2004. Canvas, oil. 81x100

Born to fly. 2000. Cardboard, oil. 62x90

On the bank of life. 2005. Canvas, oil. 89x116

Doubtful present. 2008. Cardboard, oil. 100x120

Saved souls. 2008. Canvas, oil. 150x200

Celestial river. 2003. Canvas, oil. 150x200

Straying soul. 1994. Canvas, oil. 100x90

Fate guards. 2008. Canvas, oil. 82x87
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